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Legal translation consists of translating legal documents, whether public or private, from one language to another.


These documents are usually drafted by legal professionals. Therefore, they often contain many legal concepts not used in ordinary life that are foreign to the general public. The importance of properly translating these concepts, and just simply the words of the text, is fundamental, as these concepts have legal effects that the translator must know how to convey. 


The legal field brings with it numerous documents to be translated.


GreenWords Translations has a team of legal translators trained in the legislation of each destination country, ensuring that quality is of the highest standard. We don't shy away from:

  • Trading and financial contracts.

  • Powers of attorney and deeds.

  • Labor documentation.

  • Wills and trusts.

  • Insurance policies and expert reports.

  • Documents related to intellectual or industrial property.

  • Foreign regulations and legislation.

  • Judicial decisions.

  • Arbitration proceedings.

  • Deeds and articles of association.

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