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Translation goes to the movies

The rise of digital platforms, coupled with the fact that every year more companies are choosing the audiovisual format to promote their products (and that the creation of cultural content in this format is becoming more and more prolific) means that this translation discipline is booming. Our audiovisual translation professionals specialize in the following techniques:

  • Subtitling: The creation of subtitles is one of the most widespread techniques today. At GreenWords, we make sure that subtitles match the needs, protocols and requirements of each client.

  • Dubbing translation: This technique requires strong mastery of the adapted translation to make it suitable for dubbing. Our experience in translation for dubbing results in high quality because we make sure that the text is correctly adjusted so that it can be dubbed.

  • Voiceover translation: The voiceover technique, common in documentaries and reality shows, is a very interesting option for some audiovisual products.

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