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Art represented in words

It's thanks to translation that authors such as Shakespeare, Molière or Dante are universally recognized. Our literary and editorial translators know how to do this well.


Different types of literary genres pass through a publishing house: from novels to technical guides, from essays and poems to children's books, etc. Each of these genres has specific characteristics, and translation into another language must employ prior knowledge of the genre, work and style of the original. 


Editorial translation involves a series of responsibilities that only a professional translator can fulfill. Most important is to preserve the original text while transferring the same message and cultural features into another language.


One must keep in mind that the translator of a novel is actually rewriting the work. Therefore, the translator must try to preserve the essence, narrative and tone that the original author imagined.


This is a task that requires great respect for the original author and their work, and no one is more careful than we are.

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