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Environmental translation falls within the specialty field of scientific and technical translation, but it seems vital to us to dedicate a special section to this translation discipline. In our current time of environmental crisis, environmental translation is becoming increasingly important.

The concept of environmental literacy appeared as early as the 1960s. This term refers to having knowledge of, and concern for, the environment and its issues—as well as working to find solutions to address current problems and to prevent future ones.

The GreenWords Translations family of translators is made up of staunch defenders of Mother Nature who are "eco-literate". Environmental translation has a wide scope of action because it can be applied to various fields. The abundance of acronyms and buzzwords should also be highlighted: This is a recent, living language with new concepts that emerge as a result of new realities and needs. This requires continuous study and an interest in keeping abreast of new developments linked to the advance of climate change.


It’s essential for us to be aware of the great ecological crisis we are experiencing and therefore what produces the crisis, as well as to always keep the best course of action in mind in order to stop this natural disaster we are facing as soon as possible. 

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